2017 State Fair Display Info:

The Albuquerque Coin Club would like to invite anyone interested (members and non-members) to put a display of your coins together for display at the 2017 New Mexico State Fair.
This year's State Fair runs September 7th through September 17th 2017.
Bring in your display during these times to register and set up your display.

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Entry Dates:
Friday,- TBA
Saturday,- TBA

Where: Creative Arts Building - Division 13 - Numismatics (Coins)

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Special Rules:

1. The Albuquerque Coin Club will select three judges.
2. Judges may not enter competitive exhibits.
3. Any exhibit that wins an award may not be entered into competition the following year, except if the exhibit is changed by a minimum of 50% by removing some items and adding different items.
4. No prior ribbons may be displayed.
5. Exhibits -For Display Only - will not receive ribbons.
6. Exhibit must fit cases provided by the Albuquerque Coin Club which measures (21-1/2" X 33" X 2-1/2" deep).
7. First come-space available: 30 total cases (Limit of 6 cases per exhibitor with no more than 3 cases per exhibit.)

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Judging Criteria -
Exhibits: Maximum Points:

1. Numismatic Information - Educational value to the viewer. 35
2. Presentation - Manner of presentation, neatness and eye appeal. 30
3. Completeness of exhibit material as it relates to scope implied 5 in the exhibit title or other data in first case of exhibit.
4. Degree of Difficulty - Estimate of the difficulty that the exhibitor had 10 in assembling the material or information in the exhibit.
5. Condition - Quality of exhibited material compared to the highest 10 reasonably available quality of like material.
6. Rarity - Scarcity of the exhibited material, without regard to price 10
Total Points Possible: 100

The top three winning displays in the adult category and the top three winning displays in the youth category will be invited to display their winning exhibits at The Albuquerque Coin Club 2017 Fall Coin Show.

SECURITY: Display cases are bolted to heavy wooden supports and locked.
The Creative Arts Building is locked and patrolled after hours.
In the many years during which numismatic exhibits have been displayed at the State Fair, no incidents of theft or damage to these exhibits have occurred.
The most important thing to remember about making a display is to enjoy it, and have fun.
You will learn quite a lot while you are making it.

For Information Or Questions On ACC State Fair Displays Contact Bill DeWeese at (505)837-2578.